The American Dream


The American Dream Melts at the Republican National Convention—Literally

Brooklyn-based art duo LiogranoReese installed a 4,000 pound ice sculpture to melt outside the RNC in Cleveland.


David Duchovny's Dad Rock Band Is a Beautiful Representation of America

Oh, wait, you didn’t know? Yes, David Duchovny makes music now.


Alex from Target Gives Every Handsome Teenager in America Hope

Since becoming the internet's most beloved minimum wage-earning meme, Alex from Target is basically the epitome of the American Dream.


Manchester United, Twitter Disasters, And Postmodernism

The Twitter coke dream saga of @TotallyManU may not be real, but Aaron Gordon dares to ask what even counts as real.


Repair Your Credit By Being a Dick

If huge corporations can have millions of dollars worth of debt forgiven just because, surely Uncle Sam can pick up my $20,000 tab from the early 2000s.