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Exclusive: Trump’s Head of Family Planning Compared Abortion to Slavery and the Holocaust

Diane Foley, who runs the federal family planning program known as Title X, was also critical of adoption as an option for women with unintended pregnancies, according to a Senate memo shared exclusively with Tonic.
Susan Rinkunas
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s Family Planning Changes Could Make STD Rates Even Worse

The Trump administration's proposed changes to Title X family planning grants could cripple efforts to curb the record number of STDs, experts fear.
Michelle Andrews, Kaiser Health News
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s New Head of Family Planning Is an Anti-Choice Extremist

As the former president and CEO of Life Network, Diane Foley used to run crisis pregnancy centers, which exist to convince women not to have abortions. Foley now has final say on which groups will be awarded Title X family planning grants.
Susan Rinkunas
the anti-science presidency

An Abstinence-Only Advocate Has the Final Say on Who Gets Family Planning Grants

A single person controls the nation's Title X family planning budget for the first time since the 80s​.
Susan Rinkunas
the anti-science presidency

Trump’s Family Planning Program Will Prioritize Less Effective Kinds of Birth Control

Dramatic changes in the guidelines for Title X family planning grants could affect the types of birth control women have access to.
Susan Rinkunas

Our New Health Secretary Endorsed the Idea That Fetuses Are People

Alex Azar stands to pose a real problem for reproductive rights.
Susan Rinkunas
War on Science

The CDC Reportedly Banned 7 Words and These People Shot Back [Updated]

Doctors, medical groups, and lawmakers were not happy to hear that CDC employees are prohibited from using words like “fetus,” “transgender,” and "science-based" in official documents.
Susan Rinkunas

The US Government Now Says Life Begins at Conception [Updated]

The move from health officials provides new ammo for attacks on birth control and abortion.
Susan Rinkunas
the anti-science presidency

White House Halts Study on the Health Effects of Coal Mining

It's not clear when (or if) it will be resumed.
Jesse Hicks
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Trump Nixes Plan to Weed Out Sleepy Train Engineers and Truck Drivers

Not screening for sleep apnea will put lives at risk.
Ed Cara
How Not to Die

Choosing Coal Will Kill 52,000 People

A new study puts a body count—and a financial cost—on backing out of the Paris Accord.
Amber Brenza
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Trump Appoints Birth Control Skeptic to Oversee Birth Control Program

Teresa Manning in 2003: "Of course, contraception doesn't work."
Susan Rinkunas