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Enjoy This Bright Fall Day with *Checks Notes* a Vast This Will Destroy You LP

'New Others Part Two,' the Texan post-rock band's fifth studio album, was released by surprise this morning.
Alex Robert Ross

I Spent 24 Hours Watching Christian Infomercials

Jim Bakker was once the biggest name in televangelism. Now he spends his days selling survival supplies through an online Christian shopping channel. I spent an entire day watching it.
Josiah Hesse
Holy Shit

Algiers Returns With New Single, New Video, New Album, Same Urgency

Listen to the title track from their forthcoming second LP, 'The Underside of Power.'
Alex Robert Ross

Absurd But Amazing Ideas for Turning Technology into Tools for the Apocalypse

When the big one comes, artist Bea Fremderman asks, who's to say a Blackberry wouldn't make a great weapon?
Andrew Nunes
Not OK, Computer

The Robots Are Coming for You and They’re Feeling Jazzy

A.I. Duet, a new Google project, allows a computer to "learn" and improvise along with your piano musings. The folly!
Alex Robert Ross

The Tragic Restoration of Halloween Town in 'Kingdom Hearts'

We tend to think of the apocalypse as “the end of the world,” but that’s not really the case. They're a revelation of things as they already were
Cameron Kunzelman

Meeting London's Hebrew Israelite Street Preachers

I bumped into a group of preachers who consider themselves the only authentic descendants of Israelites from the historic Kingdom of Israel. Much of what they told me sounded like fairly vanilla Christian ideals, until we got to the subject of Judgment...
Jak Hutchcraft, Photos: Jake Krushell
vice shorts

I'm Short, Not Stupid Presents: Unabashedly Weird SXSW Shorts

Most of the 2014 SXSW short films aren’t online yet. So I’ve culled past festival winners, focusing on movies that push both visual and intellectual boundaries.
Jeffrey Bowers
thump video

Phuture Doom Is Putting A Hex on Brooklyn And We Have Exclusive Footage

A first look at the live show from OWSLA's dark magicians. RSVP for their FREE show at Brooklyn's raddest metal bar.

Al Gore Explains Why Civilization Might Not Survive the Next 100 Years

Climate change is running rampant, our politics are infected by moneyed interests, and corporations control our media. Al Gore sits down with Motherboard to explain two possible futures he sees for humanity.
VICE Staff

The 40-Year-Old Town at the End of the World

We traveled to Nueva Jerusalén, a town run by apocalyptic priests who say they receive orders from the Virgin Mary, to see why people there were so angry they destroyed a public school with sledgehammers.
Laura Woldenberg and Bernardo Loyola
VICE Guide to the Apocalypse

Prophecies of Perish

Unless you believe it's already happened and we're now in either heaven or hell, then we can safely say that all the previous dates for the termination of the world were wrong.
Billy Miller