The Beach


‘The Beach’ Soundtrack Was a Balearic Masterpiece

On its 18th birthday, we look at how the film’s soundtrack of chill-out and techno blurs the coastline between Utopia and Dystopia.


Photos from the Real Life Version of 'The Beach'

Photographer Rebecca Rütten discovered a hidden backpacker's paradise—only this one has less heavily armed pot farmers and more pigs on the beach.


Some Fucking Genius Has Recreated Adele's "Hello" Using Hundreds of Movie Clips

There's something weirdly powerful about seeing Johnny Depp as Hunter S Thompson, bellowing "Can you hear me?" over her solemn chords.


Vivienne Westwood's Tank, Anish Kapoor Gets Sued, & #KanyeForPresident: Last Week in Art

Plus, the "biggest week for galleries" questions Chelsea's monocracy of New York's exhibition scene.


Stream The Frightnrs' EP 'Inna Lovers Quarrel' and Forget About Everything Bad in Your Life

Somebody grab a six-pack, because we're going to the beach.


The Process | Snarkitecture's Indoor Beach Ball Pit

The Beach is the kind of summer getaway where you “splash” about in a 10,000 square-foot ball pit.


Finally, a Museum-Sized Ball Pit You Can Swim In

Nearly one million white balls fill the halls of the National Building Museum in Snarkitecture's 'The Beach.'


We Talked to Filmmaker Alex Garland About His New Film ‘Ex Machina’

The author of the novel "The Beach" and the screenplays for "28 Days Later" and "Sunshine" directed a bleak new movie about technology, consciousness, and sex.


Danglo's "Forget You" Is Here to Soothe Your Sunburned Ears

Let's never stop talking about the beach.


Femme En Fourrure - "The Beach"

Take a Wiccan walk through the woods with these spooky visuals from Femme En Fourrure.