the bone zone

    • 7.2.14

      NSFW Quiz: Can You Tell Which of These Porn Star Orgasms Are Fake?

      Can you tell the difference between a pornstar's real orgasm and a blustery, histrionic fake orgasm?

    • 6.20.14

      How Do You Write a Joke?

      Comedy isn’t as respected as other, more “literary” forms of writing, but it’s one of the most unforgiving. We talked to a few of these luminaries to ask them the toughest question in the world: How do you get people to laugh?

    • 1.20.14

      I Got Shanghaied

      I went to Shanghai with the idea that I might casually get laid. My loser low confidence—at bars, parties; any hook-up situation with which pensive celibates are obsessed—would finally be reprieved because I would be among "my people," or so my racist...