the border

the border

Trump admin blames November border arrest spike on court decision that didn't come until the end of the month

It's the highest number of November arrests in more than a decade, but the court case the Trump administration is blaming the spike on didn't come until the end of the month.
Emma Ockerman

Donald Trump praises Hispanic border agent for speaking "perfect English"

The president paid tribute to his immigration agencies by expressing his gratitude for “CBC,” which is not a real thing, and complimenting an immigration official on his “perfect English."
Emma Ockerman

In El Paso, Immigrant Youth Are Changing the Face of Border Activism

A group called Soñando Juntos is building something unique: an intersectional coalition fighting for undocumented people.
Gabriel A. Solis

How Trump's war on immigrants could backfire

The crackdown is galvanizing political opposition that may end up costing Republicans control of Congress.
Keegan Hamilton
US-Mexico border

The Chicano Artists Transcending the US-Mexico Border

With a foot in each world, the people of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez have developed a shared culture, which stretches beyond nationality and documentation.
Avery White
Holly Devon
the border

Why This Bartender Got Turned Away at the US Border

After Sebastián Fernández was denied entry to Puerto Rico, a US territory, the island's bartenders rallied in solidarity with their colleague and against anti-immigrant rhetoric.
Alicia Kennedy
the border

How to secure your phone when crossing the border

Border agents are seizing travellers’ phones and asking for their passwords. Here’s how to protect yourself.
Hilary Beaumont

We Talked to the American NASA Scientist Who Had His Phone Seized at the Border

Sidd Bikkannavar is a natural born US citizen who just wanted to get home after racing solar-powered cars across South America.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Undocumented Immigrants Trying to Get Sent to Detention

Sometimes, the only way to fix the system is to infiltrate it.
Serena Solomon

The Future of Border Securing Technology Is Here and It’s Terrifying

Drones, 3D holograms, cameras with body heat detection, and a 360-degree radar surveillance.
Meredith Hoffman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Someone Painted a 'Rape Trump' Mural on the Mexican Border

There are also detailed directions to get from Tijuana to Trump Tower in New York.
Arielle Pardes