The Clash


These Artists Make Hyper-Realistic Dioramas of History's Most Iconic Photos

Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger's Photoshop-free pictures are actually tiny dioramas.
Beckett Mufson
tv party

Glenn O'Brien Taught Me That Style Is Survival

Mourning the loss of the cultural treasure, who touched my life with his writing, witticisms, and conviction that style was serious business.
Antwaun Sargent
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The Bug Shares Unreleased Dubplates Featuring the Late Great Spaceape

"I posted these three unreleased Bug/Spaceape tunes to say 2016 will be another year whenThe Spaceape will not be forgotten..."
Alexander Iadarola

Julien Temple Filmed the Breakout of British Punk

And he's just released a new documentary featuring never-before-seen footage from the Clash's 1977 New Year's Day show.
Amelia Abraham

Bobby Keys Was History's Hardest-Partying Saxophonist

I spoke to Joe Ely, a friend of the late Rolling Stones horn player, about their time in West Texas's honky-tonks and their legendary escapades fueled by booze and little white pills.
JS Rafaeli

A History of 'Frestonia,' a Micronation of Squatters Who Declared Independence from the UK

How a bunch of pioneering weirdos carved out their own space in London.
Harry Sword

London's Original Graffiti Artists Were Poets and Political Revolutionaries

Roger Perry spent the late 60s and early 70s photographing their work. His long out-of-print photo collection, <i>The Writing on the Wall</i>, charted London's early graffiti scene. The book is finally being republished this week.
George Stewart-Lockhart

An Interview with Jim Jarmusch About His New Film 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

We talked about his new film, New York City, and how to stay creatively relevant.
Michelle Lhooq

Meet Bob Gruen: Bugle Player for the Clash and Photographer of Rock Royalty

The most important thing about Bob Gruen is that he played bugle for the Clash. The second is that he shot a bunch of the most iconic rock and roll photos of the 20th century.
Joseph Gentile

The Art of Punk with Bryan Ray Turcotte

We spoke to Bryan Ray Turcotte, author of the book <i>Fucked Up + Photocopied</i>, about punk-rock flyers and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art's exhibit, <i>Art of Punk</i>.
Allen Strickland Williams
The Mexican Issue

But Wait, Fuck The Emos And The Punks!

Vice: So you’re like a total skinhead there. How long have you been in the boots and braces?
Carlos Álvarez Montero