The Craft


Rachel True of 'The Craft' Says Convention Excluded Her Because She's Black

"Maybe it’s just an oversight but...I’s a film about four fucking girls—not three."
Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Social Media

Skeet Ulrich from 'Riverdale' Is the Best Thing in My Life

How the former 90s heartthrob and current ‘Riverdale’ star’s social media restored my faith in the internet.
Wendy Syfret

All Hail the Weird, Wonderful Goth Girls of Cinema History

From "The Bride of Frankenstein" to "The Craft," goth characters tell the complicated stories of disenfranchised women fighting to reclaim their power.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
The Craft

Boring Sarah Is the True Villain of 'The Craft'

"The Craft" is a story about a trio of chill and fun witches who are minding their own business and casting spells, only to have their fun ruined by an anti-feminist wet blanket.
Alana Massey
The Score

We Talked to Letters to Cleo About Being the Go-to Soundtrack Band of Your Favorite Teen Flicks

LTC featured on 'The Craft' and '10 Things I Hate About You,' not to mention Kay Hanley was the voice for the original 'Josie and the Pussycats'—which turns 15 this year.
Ilana Kaplan

How 'The Craft' Realized the Power of Teen Girls and Made Witchcraft Cool

On its 20th anniversary, we look back at the 1996 cult classic that helped make witchcraft mainstream and inundated covens with curious teenage girls.
Hannah Ewens
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Witches and Rebellious Women: Why 'The Craft' Continues to Kick Ass

Nineteen years after its release and we're all still dressing like this coven of misfits. We map the movie's music, style, and abiding appeal.
Elizabeth Sankey

Florence Welch Started a Witch Coven and Nobody Knew About It

On the heels of her Glastonbury announcement, the singer talks magic and her "psychic cat."
Jabbari Weekes
Holy Shit

Haim Do 'The Craft' in Calvin Harris' Video for "Pray to God"

Obviously we're justing going to talk about how awesome Haim are…
Kim Taylor Bennett

Meet the Witches of Etsy

The online marketplace offers a home for spell casters, fortune tellers, and those ladies you might see in the local alt-weekly ads peering into a glowing crystal sphere.
Roisin Kiberd

Gay Witches

Back in the day, stylist John William was a self-described gay witch. He's still gay, but we're bummed that his witchdom is in the past tense because being a witch is awesome. This photo shoot is an homage to his youthful days of sexual mystery and...
Masha Mel