The Cult

The God Illusion

The Cult: Roger Federer

Our society has lost all perspective when it comes to the importance we place on athletes. But with Roger Federer and his godlike tennis, perhaps we're not far off.
Toby Sprigings

The Cult: Anderson Silva

For a record 16 successive fights, Anderson Silva was undefeated in the Octagon. The Brazilian became the most feared man in the UFC, dispatching his opponents with an air of nonchalance. But, like all good things, Silva's streak could not last.
Tom Usher

The Cult: Hulk Hogan

To a child of the nineties, the glorious circus of professional wrestling was viewed through guileless eyes. To the adult that child subsequently became, that innocence fell away, not least in the case of the mustachioed ringmaster, Hulk Hogan.
Will Magee
the unloved

The Cult: Teddy Sheringham

In the nineties and early noughties, Teddy Sheringham was one of the most effective strikers in the Premier League. Despite all those goals, however, he remains somehow unloved.
Will Magee
The Project

The Cult: Alex Zanardi

In 2001, racing driver Alex Zanardi lost both of his legs in a high-speed crash. Now the owner of two Paralympic gold medals, he considers the accident to be "one of the greatest opportunities of my life."
Jim Weeks
the antagonist

The Cult: Ricky Ponting

During the greatest Ashes series of modern times, Ricky Ponting was the snide and snarling villain of the piece. He made the 2005 series seminal, and for that he belongs in The Cult.
Will Magee

The Cult: Amir Khan

When Amir Khan won silver at the 2004 Olympics, many predicted a career without limits. With the 2016 Games upon us, it is fair to say that the erstwhile golden boy has experienced both glory and failure inside the ring.
Tom Usher

The Cult: Ricky Hatton

Ricky Hatton's lethal and tactically astute body punching earned him some huge victories in the boxing ring. But through it all, the Hyde-born fighter always remained a local lad.
Tom Usher

The Cult: Nigel Benn

Nicknamed "The Dark Destroyer," Nigel Benn was a popular and gutsy British boxer famous for his fights with Chris Eubank. But the darkness inside Benn sometimes threatened to destroy more than just his opponents.
Jim Weeks

The Cult: Chris Eubank

The latest inductee to The Cult was a divisive British boxer whose bouts with Nigel Benn attracted huge TV audiences. To some he was an insult to his sport; to others, Chris Eubank was Simply the Best.
Jim Weeks

The Drawbacks of Jihad: Meet the British Rapper Who Was Accused of Glorifying Terrorism

Aki Nawaz has been involved in sieges in Gaza, met with jihadists, and attempted to visit Bin Laden. In the UK, he couldn't go out in public for fear of abuse. Now he's releasing his seventh album as the cult multi-ethnic hip-hop outfit Fun-Da-Mental.
Jack Dutton

Where In the World Is Jaz Coleman, and Is He Cooler Than Ian Astbury?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a genuine rock ’n’ roll weirdo like Killing Joke’s Jaz Coleman. And I don’t mean crazy like Lady Gaga wearing a dress of meat, or Buckethead. I mean literally, because, for real, no one knows where that dude is right now.
Ryan Rayhill