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Some Important Lessons About Trans People Tabloids Need to Learn

Seeing as you don't seem to understand some very basic facts, I'll explain them for you.
Paris Lees

Will Islamophobia Grow in the UK Following the Paris Attacks?

The refugees who've risked their lives to flee terrorism could find themselves becoming scape goats.
Michael Segalov

Sorry Everyone, Bacon Could Be as Bad For You as Cigarettes

The World Health Organisation may be about to brand processed meats as “carcinogenic to humans,” listing them alongside cancer-causing substances such as arsenic, asbestos, alcohol, and cigarettes.
Phoebe Hurst

Inside Western Europe's Biggest Annual Gathering of Gypsies and Travelers

"People say: 'Why don't you lot go back to where you've come from?' But when we're on Appleby, we don't get that. Just for this week we get a sense of place, a sense of being, and a sense of ancestry."
Charlie Gilmour
Here Be Dragons

Are English Schoolkids a Bunch of Racists?

A new survey has found that some kids in the UK hold worrying and warped views about immigration and Islam.
Martin Robbins

Seven Actual Things Straight People Can Learn from Gay Relationships

Come on over to our side, straights, it's way better over here.
David Blackett

Is Kim Jong-Un Really Opening a Restaurant in Scotland?

Some UK publications are claiming that Kim Jong-Un is eyeing Scotland for the next location of his restaurant chain, which serves Korean dishes such as cuttlefish and pine-nut gruel.
Hilary Pollack

Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Claims He Has a Phobia of Kim Kardashian

Also this week, a store owner called his customers a gay slur.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
Paris Lees

Don't Be Ashamed of Anal Sex

Everyone is hooking up with everyone else on Grindr and Tinder. So, if you fancy a bit of cock in your butt, you just need to get over yourself.
Paris Lees
Here Be Dragons

Cutting Through the Bullshit Surrounding Flight MH370

Somehow, it's not enough for the media to simply report that a plane is missing, presumed crashed, and no one has found the wreckage yet—they have to build elaborate narratives about terrorism and "mystery passengers."
Martin Robbins
Here Be Dragons

If You Think You Can Survive on 'Junk Food and Cigarettes,' You're an Idiot

<i>The Daily Mail</i> has been trailing a new book this week by "leading science writer" Tony Edwards. The first extract from the book gave the paper a valuable opportunity to address the important question of whether red wine causes or cures cancer.
Martin Robbins

Hippy Crack: A Retraction

In an article published yesterday we erroneously implied that the Daily Mail's use of the term "hippy crack" was both lame and inaccurate. It has been brought to our attention that this is not the case. VICE regrets the error.
VICE Apologies and Retractions Dept