The Dark Knight Rises

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Did Trump, Known 'Dark Knight Rises' Fanboy, Channel Bane in His Inauguration Speech?

The president professed his love for the film in 2012 and came close to quoting the lead villain on Friday.
Mike Pearl
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James Holmes Was Just Found Guilty of Murder in the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting

Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 in a 2012 shooting spree. Now he could face the death penalty.
Mike Pearl

Forensic Psychiatrists Weigh in on What the Ramblings in the Colorado Theater Shooter's Journal Mean

There are explicit plans to murder people in James Holmes's journal. But does any of the material suggest the guy behind the Aurora murders is "not guilty by reason of insanity"?
Mike Pearl

Brief Reviews of Every Movie I Saw in Theaters in 2012

Maybe American movies used to be better before they started trying to remake everything, or maybe I was just a little kid then and now I’m slightly more tired of it all. Whatever the case, here are some tiny shitface diatribes about the eight movies I...
Blake Butler

The Dark Knight Returns Animated Film Brings To Life Frank Miller's Grizzled Batman

See the first scenes of the upcoming animated film adaptation of the classic 1986 comic.
Abdullah Saeed

Filibustin' with Willie D - Should You Take Your Guns to Town?

What can keep you safe from a closet psychopath who is armed to the teeth with over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, four guns, and a determination to kill indiscriminately? More guns or more gun control?
Willie D