the devil's blood


Inside MAALSTROOM, Roadburn Festival's Ambitious New Black Metal Project

The Dutch heavy music fest continues its tradition of collaboration with a new commissioned piece showcasing the Dutch black metal scene.
Ben Handelman

DOOL Usher in a New Wave of Dutch Rock Fury with 'Here Now, There Then '

Members of The Devil's Blood, Gold, and singer Ryanne van Dorst coagulate on an intriguing new psych rock project
Kim Kelly

Black Anvil Returns to Primordial Chaos on New Album 'As Was'

Stream the NYC black metallers' savage new album, and read bassist/vocalist Paul Delaney's thoughts on mysticism, Metallica, and Trump
J Bennett

Prepare to Rock with Death Alley's Sweaty New Video Clip for "Black Magick Boogieland"

These rising Dutch rock'n'roll proto-punks are headed over for their first US tour, and we've got the details.
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Hear Urfaust Pay Tribute to The Devil's Blood with "Voodoo Dust"

The Dutch black metal duo cover one of TDB's best-loved songs in honor of their fallen brother, Selim Lemouchi.
Kim Kelly

Dutch Post-Punks Gold Talk Emojis, Optimism, and Recovering from The Devil's Blood

"Someone described our album as 'Silver-lining darkness' and that's what it is. It's dark, it's draining music, but there is hope surrounding it.”
Louise Brown
Festivals 2015

The Netherlands's Eclectic Incubate Festival Brought Death, Blood, and Bombast to the Forest

We went to the Netherlands' sprawling, super diverse Incubate Festival and saw a bunch of incredible bands like Necros Christos, Empyrium, and more play in a forest.
Kim Kelly