The Dinner Bell

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The Best Way to Cook a Whole Damn Fish

You're going to feel like such a boss when you bust out a silver tray with a big, beautiful, salt-crusted bass.
Munchies Staff

Grilled Apricot Crostini Recipe

Sweet and savory at once, these goat-cheese and apricot appetizers take a mere 15 minutes of your precious time.
Julia Ziegler-Haynes
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This Perfect Salad Proves That Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Miserable

Say goodbye to poorly rendered Caesars and decrepit nonsense salads from chain drug stores and open your eyes to how salads should be: crunchy, cool, and creamy.
Munchies Staff
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These Homemade Potato Chips and Yogurt Dip Are Addictive as Hell

Making your own chips is no sweat, and these ones come with a crazy sexy cool chive dip.
Munchies Staff

Kick Off Your Weekend with This Dream Brunch Menu from 'The Dinner Bell'

Whip up this morning-after-friendly feast of homemade bagels, beet-cured salmon, and more from Julia Ziegler-Haynes of 'The Dinner Bell.'
Munchies Staff and Julia Ziegler-Haynes

The Dinner Bell: A Dutch-Inspired Brunch in the Netherlands

Julia heads to Amsterdam and cooks a brunch feast for a group of locals and expats, with locally inspired dishes like savory potato croquettes with Gouda sauce and chocolate buckwheat pancakes with berry coulis.
Julia Ziegler-Haynes

Chef Julia Ziegler-Haynes Cooks A Summer Lunch for the Final Days of the Season

Host Julia Ziegler-Haynes heads upstate to Worlds End Farm to visit her friend Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua, a Red Hook, Brooklyn-based floral design studio, to prepare a Mediterranean meze platter.
Munchies Staff

The Dinner Bell: A Summer Lunch for Saipua

Inspired by the Mediterranean meze platter, Julia prepares a lunch for the staff of Brooklyn's Saipua, with lamb kofta, spiced chickpeas, labneh, flatbread, and a ricotta cheesecake made with with sheep's milk from the farm.
Julia Ziegler-Haynes
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Make the Al Fresco Meal of Your Dreams Before Summer Ends

How the hell is it already mid-August? Hold tight to the sunshine by making these lamb koftas, spiced chickpeas, and fresh ricotta cheesecake.
Munchies Staff
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This Pudding Isn't a Pudding But It's the Best Thing About Summer

Sure, it's a little different than the pudding you grew up eating from the Costco in Fresno, but that's a good thing.
Munchies Staff
Action Bronson

Pedicures with Action Bronson, Hornet Booze, and All the Other Edible News You Missed This Week

Did you miss our classy brunch with the cast and crew of High Maintenance or our chat with former White House chef Walter Scheib? Grab the leftovers here.
Munchies Staff

Easy Summer Pudding Recipe

Spongy, sugary lemon-thyme cake; yogurt-cream filling; and fresh sliced fruit. What's not to like?
Julia Ziegler-Haynes