The end of the world

climate change

The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy

On average, three people read an academic paper. At least 100,000 have read this—and a lot of them haven't taken it very well.
Zing Tsjeng

The Story of 'The End of the World,' One of the First Ever Viral Videos

We met up with creator Jason Windsor to hear the video's origin story and talk about its long-awaited sequel.
VICE Staff
It's the end of the world as we know it

I Hung Out with Followers of Indonesia's Self-Proclaimed Doomsday Prophet

The world is going to end. It's bad news for most of us, but, for a select few, a ride on a UFO to a new planet awaits.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
the worst things of all time

This Lana Del Rey Meets Ivanka Trump Parody Song Sucks

Amber Coffman and songwriter/satirist Nick Lutsko DESTROY the President’s daughter. You’ve GOTTA see this.
Colin Joyce
Chris Christie

Five Thoughts On Chris Christie, On Sports Radio At The End Of The World

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent the first two days of this week auditioning for a job on New York sports talk radio giant WFAN. Whether he gets it or not, he's earned it.
David Roth

How Two-Sunned ‘Tatooine’ Planets Escape Being Crushed By Their Host Stars

Earth will one day be eaten by our sun. These planets might avoid that.
Kate Lunau

Doomsday Preppers in Utah See Donald Trump's Candidacy as a Sign of the Apocalypse

John Hyrum Koyle, a turn-of-the-century prophet, dreamed that the Republican Party would roll over and die. Then the world would end.
Eric Peterson

How Scared Should I Be of Meteors?

The galaxy is teeming with rocks that don't care if we all die. This bothers me a little.
Mike Pearl

'In Dubai,' Today's Comic by Jai Granofsky

A kid calls an adult video game pro to his house to help him with video games. Too bad the world's going to end.
Jai Granofsky
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

The Sluggish Race to Guard the Earth Against Meteors

In the last two decades NASA reported nearly 600 exploding meteorites, many as large as 60 feet, rattling the thermosphere like dynamite. Is anyone worried about that?
Rory Tolan

CNN's Doomsday Video Was First Revealed in 'Gremlins 2'

It's beautiful, isn't it?
Adrianne Jeffries

Meeting London's Hebrew Israelite Street Preachers

I bumped into a group of preachers who consider themselves the only authentic descendants of Israelites from the historic Kingdom of Israel. Much of what they told me sounded like fairly vanilla Christian ideals, until we got to the subject of Judgment...
Jak Hutchcraft, Photos: Jake Krushell