The Era


Practice Your Footwork with Towkio, Chance the Rapper, and The Era in the Video for "Clean Up"

Chicago knows how to dance, and this video for the track off Towkio's '.Wav Theory' is all the proof you need.


Detroit! Danny Brown's Second Bruiser Thanksgiving Featuring DJ Spinn and DJ Taye Is Tonight

The artist also recently helped raise $15,000 dollars benefitting Detroit's largest literary arts education nonprofit​.


Black Dance Matters: A Documentary on Chicago Footwork Collective The Era

A new THUMP-produced film by director Wills Glasspiegel shines a light on the dancers whose feet do the work.


In Conversation with The Era: "We Want to Push the Culture to the Next Level"

We spoke to Litebulb, Manny and Paypal about the past, present and future of footwork.


The Era Tried to Teach Me How to Footwork and I Still Sucked

Sadly, I have the reflexive abilities of a sloth on a ket binge.


Bang'n on King Drive: Footworking the Bud Billiken Parade with RP Boo, K-Phi-9, and The Era

In a documentary music video for RP Boo, director Wills Glasspiegel follows footwork's path through the oldest African-American parade in the U.S.