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The Fat Jew to Tour with His Major Lazer Cover Band, Dillon Francis, and RL Grime

In January he'll embark on the second annual IRL tour across four separate dates.
Alexander Iadarola
Vice Blog

The Cyberattacks That Changed the Future of Warfare

On the season two premiere of 'CYBERWAR,' VICE reporter Ben Makuch investigates the most significant cyberattacks of our time.
VICE Staff

Is Celebrity Photographer Tyler Shields Inspired, Or Copying Other Artists?

He might be the photographic equivalent of the Fat Jew.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

'Freebooters' Are Stealing Videos from YouTube and Reposting Them to Facebook

Will 30 million views on stolen videos fly when Facebook has to start paying out ad revenues?
Clinton Nguyen

Everyone You'll Meet at This Year's Halloween Parties

Donald Trump, the eggplant emoji, and something made out of cardboard that takes too much explaining and wasn't funny anyway.
Phoebe Walsh, Illustrations: Sam Taylor

This Year (Thus Far) in Art Plagiarism

The past few months have been chock-full of accusations. Is copying on the rise, or are we just becoming more aware of what we've already seen?
Andrew Nunes
New York

NYC's Biggest Ramen Event Lost All Its Chefs After The Fat Jew Was Made Host

The sudden and fervent backlash against internet celebrity The Fat Jew has reached New York's ramen scene, where a group of chefs are withdrawing after he was added to their party.
Hilary Pollack

Why Content Farms Hate the Fat Jew, the Ultimate Content Farmer

We are all the Fat Jew.

I Turned the Fat Jew Into a Human Cake

When the Fat Jew visited my Brooklyn pastry kitchen, we naturally gravitated towards discussing consuming kale in private places and eating desserts off Rob Lowe. But then, the inevitable happened, when I turned him into a human cake.
Amirah Kassem
The Fat Jew Show

The Fat Jew Show: Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Talks Chugging Milk and Pooping His Pants

In the first episode, Joey Chestnut and the Fat Jew talk about all the gory details involved in the world of competitive eating.
VICE Sports

Live Stream: The Fat Jew Is Protesting Outside Instagram's Offices

Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down once, shame on you. Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down twice, shame on him. Take the Fat Jew's Instagram account down three times, and he will chain himself half naked to a lamppost outside your...
VICE Staff
Vice Blog

Hi I'm the Fat Jew

I’m New York City’s fanciest, sleaziest, hunkiest, ruggedest, bummiest, and sauciest. I’m the ugly Rob Lowe. I’m into pedicures, Tony Danza, honey mustard, ribbed turtlenecks, loofahs, frenzied behavior, tasteful floral arrangements, Jewish girls from...
The Fat Jew