The Fiction Issue 2012

The Fiction Issue 2012

Dicey Decisions

George Cockcroft is a psychiatrist who makes all of his life decisions with a roll of the dice.
Kara-Lis Coverdale
The Fiction Issue 2012

I’ll Give You Some Threats

I texted some pretty mean shit from someone else’s phone to author Amelia Gray and she punched me in the face.
The Fiction Issue 2012

Readers Digesting

We at VICE Australia love books—and lots and lots of cake—so we decided to make a book cake of our own as a test run for next year’s contest.
Wendy Syfret
The Fiction Issue 2012

Prototype 2

This game offends me.
Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Fiction Issue 2012

The Room All to Itself

This is one of James Purdy’s last unpublished manuscripts. Written in 1978, the short play is every bit as uncompromising and brutal as his fiction.
James Purdy
The Fiction Issue 2012

Genius in Exile

Writer James Purdy's work is like a dark underground river that flows undetected through the American landscape and deserves to be waded in.
Cory MacLauchlin
The Fiction Issue 2012

Raw 10

The man wished that he could order her, naked, spreadeagled on a biscuit. One of the not-burnt ones.
Chris Nieratko
The Fiction Issue 2012

Make the Book Cook

I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. That’s the way you really rise to the top.
Brett Gelman
The Fiction Issue 2012

Three Gangster Fables

Three tales of criminal chaos.
Barry Yourgrau
The Fiction Issue 2012

Fan Fiction Is for Fuckfaces

Here is a sampling of my favorite top-ranked fan fiction stories, which your aunt will soon be secretly masturbating to.
Mitchell Sunderland
The Fiction Issue 2012


The Gaudifingers contagion is no longer contained. It results in rapid aging and painful terrifying death within minutes. Anyone you know could at any time be Gaudifingers.
Tony Burgess
The Fiction Issue 2012

Holy Unicorns!

The word “unicorn” appears nine times in the Old Testament. And unless you’re an 11-year-old girl, you are well aware that if it’s got unicorns in it, it’s a fairy tale.
Tim Scott