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Bong Puffer Forever: The Story Of History's Chillest Baseball Card

Jung Bong and Brandon Puffer were pretty obviously not future stars when they appeared together on a 2003 Topps Future Stars card. It didn't matter.
David Roth

Bad Basketball, Good Times, And Knicks-Nets at the End of the World

What kind of person would willing attend a midweek game between two of the most depressing teams in the NBA? Someone who really needed it, it turns out.
David Roth
history lessons

​What Happened to Nutmeg Mills? The Forgotten Story of a Sports Apparel Pioneer

In the 1990s, Nutmeg Mills redefined gaudy NBA T-shirts and the broader sports apparel business. Then NAFTA happened.
David Tanklefsky & Nathan Rothstein

After Bringing Back Russell Westbrook, the Thunder Have Hope

When they re-upped All-Star and Extremely Intense Person Russell Westbrook, the Thunder didn't just avoid the worst offseason ever. They gave themselves a chance.
Michael Pina

Looking for a Hit, the Cleveland Indians Have Doubled Down on Pitching

The Cleveland Indians have as good a shot at a World Series berth as any team in the AL. If things had worked out better at the deadline, it'd be even better.
Jonathan Bernhardt
this particular week in baseball

Expensive Relievers, Unavailable Catchers, And More: This Particular Week In Baseball

The trade market for relief pitchers continues to defy reason, the universe continues to defy the Cleveland Indians, and teams get ready to change everything.
Matthew Kory

The Blazers Are Capped Out, But Not Locked In

No team has had a weirder offseason than Portland, which spent $269 million on keeping last year's solid-but-not-great team intact. But there's more to it than that.
​Jared Dubin

The Trade Market for Closers Is Insane, and the Royals Would Be Crazy Not to Take Advantage

The Yankees got a great prospect haul for Aroldis Chapman. The Royals, who have holes to fill and a closer worth more to other teams than them, could do even better.
Steven Goldman

The MLB Trade Deadline Isn't What It Used to Be, and Might Never Be Again

Teams locking up star players before they reach free agency has made an impact on baseball's trade market, too. In a tight market, things are going to get weird.
Steven Goldman
weak in review

Free Agents, Free Markets, and Who Deserves What: David Roth's Weak In Review

The NBA is rich, and thanks to the rapid rise in the salary cap, so are a bunch of NBA free agents. It doesn't really have to be any more complicated than that.
David Roth

In Adding Dwyane Wade, The Bulls Show They'd Rather Go Big Than Build

...and there's not necessarily anything wrong with that. In bringing in a favorite son, the Bulls have created a strange sort of in-between team. But why not?
John Wilmes

The Oklahoma City Thunder Were Wild, Loud, And Still Echoing

Bad luck, historically tough competition, and some stubborn personality kinks kept the Durant/Westbrook Thunder from being great, but they were always memorable.
Robert O'Connell