the future of food

future of food

What You Missed from the MUNCHIES Future of Food Week

This week, MUNCHIES has been exploring the future of food on planet Earth.
Munchies Staff
future of food

Why We Should Eat Baked Beans If We Want a Sustainable Food Future

“By replacing some of the animal protein in our diets with vegetable protein from pulses, the world's growing food requirements could be met."
Gareth May
the future of food

What’s the Destiny of Our Food Supply? We Asked a Food Futurist

The Institute For the Future in Palo Alto, California is home to a few invaluable human beings who have to come up with feasible solutions to combat any crises that the future may bring. We spoke to their "food futurist."
Javier Cabral
future of food

This Nonprofit Is Feeding Ugly Vegetables to Hundreds of People Every Day

LA Kitchen transforms fruits and vegetables that are normally thrown away into amazing, balanced meals. In the process, they are changing the lives of their staff made up of mostly ex-convicts, recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, veteran...
Javier Cabral

We Should Consider Eating Our Own Poop for a Better Future

This modest pooposal is not as far-fetched as it might first sound.
Josh Evans
The Future According to VICE

​The Future of Terrorism According to VICE

The critical front line in the next counterterror battle will almost certainly be cyberspace, and multinational corporations are likely to be among the chief victims.
Josh Meyer

Watching Three People Share a $384,000 Burger Is Surprisingly Boring

As the world’s population hurtles toward an estimated 9 billion by 2050, global food shortages are becoming a very real problem. It’s obvious that the meat industry as we know it is unsustainable, but for the vast majority of us, the prospect of...
Matthew Francey