• 10.18.12

      Videos for Future Times: Matmos, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, Mark Fell

      "A Winged Victory for the Sullen": is American composer Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie, who normally forms one half of Stars of the Lid. The song, off of the duo's recent self-titled disc on Erased Tapes, is startlingly brief...

    • 10.17.12

      The Town Hall Presidential Debate in 10 GIFs

      With ample space to prance around and puff their chests out, Obama and Romney got into it last night on Strong Island, where things got hot, quick. It was like Candy Crowley was emcee'ing a rap battle or something. We're talking Libya, gun violence...

    • 10.15.12

      The xx Is Still Pretty Perfect, Especially Underwater: "Chained"

      What a relief it is that the xx, three years post-hype storm, has not become terrible. The extrapolation of dance/club music to sultry, ubersparse night-drive pop feels as perfect now -- or even more honed -- as it did in 2009. And in this world of nu...

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    • 10.12.12

      The Entire VP Debate in Seven GIFs

      Last night, if you were watching the Vice Presidential debate, which despite its contenders sitting in chairs, was infinitely more captivating than the standing debate between the two Presidential candidates last week in Colorado. If you weren't live...

    • 9.13.12

      Google Just Ruined Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

      Have you ever play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? You know, the one where you name an actor, and then all your friends put their heads together to try and connect that actor's career to Kevin Bacon in no more than six associations. This involves lots of...

    • 9.11.12

      It's Too Quiet: The Eerie Early Morning TV of 9/11

      Fashion Week was just getting underway in New York. George W. Bush went for an early morning jog in Florida. Iraq shot down a Predator drone. The weather was still summer and perfect. Until 8.46 AM, September 11, 2001 was another morning in America.