The Great Escape

music video

Indie Pop and Krumping Collide in a Music Video Documentary

A new music video for LA indie trailblazers The Great Escape is a surprising mini-doc on the street dance genre.
Andrew Nunes

Coco Won’t Pretend to Be Someone He’s Not

The Sheffield MC on his first 16, working with Toddla T and making positivity his MO.
Tshepo Mokoena
Remembering Things

How Blur's 'Blur' Brought Them Back from the Brink

Burnt out by Britpop and a failure to break America, 20 years ago Blur were disintegrating, but somehow they wrote their biggest song, and one of the best LPs of their career.
Kevin EG Perry
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Stormzy Smash Through "Not That Deep" and "WickedSkengMan Part 4" Live at the Great Escape

Essential viewing for anybody wishing to experience post-event FOMO.
Noisey Staff
festivals 2016

I Went to the Great Escape Festival to See If I Could Get a Record Deal

I invented a fictional band, got a hair cut, armed myself with CDs, and went to the buzziest new music festival in Britain to find out if the music industry still works.
Oobah Butler
Rank Your Records

Rank Your Records: Drummer Dave Rowntree Rates Blur’s Discography

Almost 30 years since their inception and Blur are still one of Britain's best bands. Don't argue with us on this one. Thanks.
Kim Taylor Bennett
VICE vs Video games

Britain’s Music Industry Needs to Take Lessons from the Indie Gaming Scene

New music is in a funk, with base competence alone serving as a selling point. Labels would be wise to look to gaming for guidance through these depressing greys.
Mike Diver

Trash Talk's New Video Is "The Great Escape" from Sanity

Skate. Destroy. Drink. Rip own face off.
Noisey Staff

How to go to a Festival When You're a Small Child, an Old Man, or a Sober Person

We interviewed an 11-year-old and a 60-year-old to find out.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson