The Great Gatsby


Someone Wrecked a Mercedes Benz Made of 12,000 Mirrors (For Art)

Artist Jordan Griska tackles the decaying American dream with his sparkling sculpture.
Laura Conner
Views My Own

Actually, 'The Great Gatsby' Is Trash

Contrary to popular belief, the book isn't so great or novel, although it sure is American.
Blake Butler

F. Scott Fitzgerald Will Never Die

A collection of unpublished stories, 'I'd Die for You,' brings the famous Jazz Age author back to life, sadder and funnier than ever before.
Zaina Arafat

How Train Travel Explains the Decline of American Culture

Traveling by train used to be a romantic experience. Now, it's exactly the opposite. Like the country it traverses, the train system is utilitarian, plastic, beige, and devoid of greater meaning.
Megan Koester

Ezra Koenig Might Be Performing at the Oscars, But That Doesn't Excuse the Real Crime

Lana Del Rey Getting Snubbed Was An Inside Job
Jeremy Gordon
A Few Impressions


The old saying is that a good book makes a bad film, while a paperback potboiler like 'The Godfather' makes a great film. But this wisdom is derived from the idea that a good book is made by the writing, and if it’s adapted into whatever, its magic is...
James Franco

A Million Little Ones

Maybe more like a half-million medium-sized ones, in the spirit of springtime, or of pink-yellow-blue flower buds, or of the jillions of ice crystals and snowflakes that have us/me locked into this forever-April torment. Let’s do a million little ones...
Kate Carraway

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby Trailer: Five Real-Life Gatsbys

But maybe they ain't so "great."
Clive Martin