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The Phillipines

Duterte Said “You Must Be Stupid” If You Think He’ll Stand Trial at The Hague for His Drug War

“I am a Filipino. We have our courts here... Shit,” he continued.
Alex Lubben
Russian hacking

It's getting much harder for Russia to deny hacking — but they’re trying it anyway

“They’ll insult the critics, twist the facts, accuse the accusers of the same violation, and issue lurid warnings about the terrible consequences.”
David Gilbert

Four men who tried to hack the global chemical weapons agency just got outed as Russian spies

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld said he was taking the “extraordinary” step of naming the agents.
David Gilbert
the Philippines

Duterte just bounced the Philippines out of the International Criminal Court

"The Philippines is withdrawing its ratification of the Rome Statute effective immediately.”
Tim Hume
War crimes

Why the "Butcher of Bosnia" is now a convicted war criminal

He did not take the sentencing well. As the judge read his verdict, Mladic demanded a toilet break, during which his blood pressure was taken three times before the defense counsel asked for the hearing to be suspended.
David Gilbert

Photos From the Frontlines of the Netherlands' Hardest Rock Festival

Netherlands' Last Night On Earth Fest was a mess of sweat, boxing, and smoke.
Sander van Dalsum

Facebook Is a Black Market For Vietnam’s Wildlife Traffickers

A year-long investigation revealed that Facebook has unwillingly become a safe haven for wildlife smugglers.
Sarah Emerson

Why KFCs in China Are the Target of Geopolitical Protests

“What you eat is KFC. What is lost is the face of our ancestors.”
Alex Swerdloff
asia & pacific

Beijing's claims to most of the South China Sea shot down by international court

A court at The Hague rules China has no historic jurisdiction over the disputed waters that are home to major shipping routes, natural resources, and vital fishing grounds.
VICE News and Reuters

The VICE Morning Bulletin

A muslim doctor was shot outside a Texas mosque, the death toll in the Baghdad bombing has risen to at least 200, China has plans for military drills in the South China Sea, and more in today's Morning Bulletin.
Vice Beta

ICC Drops Crimes Against Humanity Case Against Kenyan Deputy Vice President Ruto

Tuesday's ruling to throw out the case against William Ruto and Kenyan television journalist Joshua arap Sang ends a controversial trial over a wave of violence that occurred after Kenya's 2007 elections.
Kayla Ruble

Serb Nationalist Leader Vojislav Seselj Is Acquitted of Balkan War Crimes

Seselj was accused of setting up paramilitary units responsible for ethnic cleansing that killed thousands of people and drove tens of thousands of Muslims and Croats from their homes.
Reuters News Agency