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"The Heat" Is When All of Lil Wayne's Gun Talk Homework Paid Off

Lots of people have talked about shooting people in rap songs over the years. But has anyone ever done it better than Lil Wayne?


Heather Hardy Doesn't Back Down from Any Fight

Heather Hardy is the women's super bantamweight champion, and a daughter of one of Brooklyn's most insular neighborhoods. In every way, she's a fighter.


Whoops, Jack White and FKA Twigs Murdered Every Other Act at Coachella

Did anyone else even stand a chance?


The Good Times Are Here To Stay: Jeremiah Jae brings "The Heat"

"The Heat" video director Justin Staple sits down with Jeremiah Jae to talk his recent music, Chicago, and spirituality.


Watch the Video for Jungle's "The Heat" and Just Try Not to Dance

This video is kind of the visual equivalent to that quote about dancing like no one is watching or whatever.


What Music Are Cops Listening To?

I conducted an unscientific survey by staying up one night, drinking a bunch of pink SoBE and vodka, and calling up random precincts around the country to find out what music the man is into these days.


Taking the Heat

The Heat are now the best team in the NBA, but that doesn't mitigate the fact that, even by the usual standards for the NBA's sour and over-determined dynasty aspirants, these guys are kind of dickish.


Welcome to the NBA Playoffs

If you are just now joining the Playoffs, you may be frustrated to learn that they're nearly over. Don't worry, you were actually very wise to skip the part of the postseason that involved the Hawks.