The internet of hackable things


Hackers Could Cause Havoc By Pwning Internet-Connected Irrigation Systems

Researchers at a university in Israel have found ways to turn smart irrigation systems into a botnet that could theoretically drain some of a city’s water reserves. But don’t panic.


Researchers Find Flaw That Could Turn LG Robot Vacuums Into Perfect Spying Machines

The bug is just the latest in a long, seemingly endless list of flaws found in so-called smart devices.


Nasty Bug Left Thousands of Internet of Things Devices Open to Hackers

Security researchers have found a new bug that would allow hackers to take full control of several types of Internet of Things devices.


Hackers Are Remotely Controlling Industrial Robots Now

Security researchers have found multiple vulnerabilities into a specific model of robot arm used in factories.


A Hackable Dishwasher Is Connecting Hospitals to the Internet of Shit

Despite all kinds of internet-connected things getting pwned, manufacturers insist of putting stuff on the internet without any security.


Lawmaker Wants Hacked Toymaker To Come Clean About Data Breach

The company that leaked personal data of 800,000 owners of internet-connected stuffed animals is now being investigated by a US senator.


The CIA Spied on People Through Their Smart TVs, Leaked Documents Reveal

Hackers from the CIA found a way to keep Samsung Smart TVs on “Fake-Off mode.”


Hacked Toymaker Didn't Alert Customers to Data Breach for Two Months

Victims of the data breach suffered by Spiral Toys are finally finding out their data was compromised.


White Hat Hackers Warn Of Easy To Hack Household Robots

Your friendly house robot is probably trivially easy to hack.


How This Internet of Things Stuffed Animal Can Be Remotely Turned Into a Spy Device

More bad news for toymaker Spiral Toys, which left customer data from its "CloudPets" brand exposed online.


Internet of Things Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings

A company that sells “smart” teddy bears leaked 800,000 user account credentials—and then hackers locked it and held it for ransom.