The L Word


'The L Word' Is Coming Back and Dear God It's About Time

It's picking back up in the same sun-kissed queer world of the original.
Taylor Hosking
Noisey Hitlist

You’ll Relate to Lazy Day If You’ve Ever Been in a Doomed Relationship

The grunge pop band's new EP 'Ribbons' is a brilliant explosion of love and loss, and we're premiering it right now.
Alexandra Pollard

Lesbian Superfans Describe What They Want From 'The L Word' Reboot

"The L Word" was game-changing and hugely significant for its lesbian fans—but many recognize that the series had some notable shortcomings. We spoke to some about what they're hoping to see from the series reboot.
Trish Bendix

What Actual Lesbians Want to See from TV Lesbians

"I would cast myself in the reboot of 'The L Word.'"
Charlotte Richardson Andrews

As a Queer Parent, I Still Don't See Myself on Television

Television's catch-all depictions of gay parents highlight the difference between "diversity" and real representation.
Lindsay King-Miller

Girls Just Wanna Have Girls: A Weekend at the Biggest Lesbian Party in the World

We traveled to Palm Springs for Dinah Shore Weekend, the iconic lesbian "Spring Break" that serves as a right of passage for queer women everywhere.
Broadly Staff

What 'Explicit' Gay Sex Scenes Is Billy Crystal Talking About, Exactly?

"Sometimes I just feel like, ah, that's too much for me," Crystal said during a recent interview. Only, there's not really a lot of gay sex on TV, so it's hard to know what he's talking about.
Eleanor Morgan