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David Letterman's Sex Scandal Still Feels Unresolved 10 Years Later

After the host admitted to sleeping with members of his staff, the world collectively shrugged. But maybe his behavior deserves more scrutiny in the post-#MeToo era.


Keanu Reeves Told Stephen Colbert What Happens When We Die

Keanu is my new religion.


Even the Actor Who Plays Apu Thought That 'Simpsons' Apology Was Awful

Hank Azaria said that stepping aside to let a South Asian actor play the character "certainly seems like the right thing to do."


Kacey Musgraves Brings a Mellow "Slow Burn" to 'Colbert'

The country star appeared on network TV a few hours before her brilliant new album, 'Golden Hour,' was officially released.


James Franco accused of sexually inappropriate and exploitative behavior by 5 women

James Franco has been called out for alleged abuse after winning a Golden Globe Sunday night.


James Franco Responded to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Him

Franco called the accusations "not accurate" during a tense interview on 'The Late Show.'


St Vincent Was Weird and Wonderful on 'Colbert' Last Night

See her perform "New York" and "Los Ageless" as her album release date looms closer.


Bernie Sanders Wants Hillary to Stop 'Arguing About 2016'

The Vermont senator sat down with Colbert on Thursday to talk politics, Trump, and Hillary Clinton's new book.


Arcade Fire Get Colbert in on the Infinite Content Show

The band performed "Everything Now" and "Creature Comfort" on 'The Late Show.' Like 'Everything Now,' it was all supposed to be about More Than The Music.


Watch Fleet Foxes Perform “Third of May” on ‘Colbert’

Robin Pecknold’s indie-folk troupe brought the track to ‘The Late Show’ to ring in their new album, ‘Crack-Up.’


Paul Simon and Stephen Colbert Turn "Feelin' Groovy" into a Trump-Era Singalong

The singer-songwriter also performed "Questions for the Angels" on 'The Late Show.'