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The Law

Campbell's Soup Trademarked the Word 'Chunky' Because Everyone Made Fun of It

Campbell referenced parodies from The Simpsons, Family Guy, and even Ghostface Killah in its trademark application.
Jelisa Castrodale
The Law

Inside the Fight to Sell Home-Cooked Food in California

“We’re trying to create a viable economic opportunity for stay-at-home parents, first-generation immigrants, and low income people of color."
Lauren Rothman

In-N-Out Burger Sends Dad-Joke-Filled Cease-and-Desist Letter to Craft Brewery

In-N-Stout was inspired by the Neapolitan shake on the West Coast burger chain's secret menu.
Jelisa Castrodale
investigative reporting

We Asked a Lawyer If Jason Derulo Really Owes a Students' Union $26,000

Some British college students at Keele University​ are having a go at Jason Derulo on Twitter for not performing at their school earlier this year.
Noisey UK Staff
The Law

Supreme Court Hints That Trump Can’t Legally Block You on Twitter

Is the president’s Twitter feed a public forum?
Louise Matsakis

Why In-N-Out Burger Is Suing a Dry Cleaning Business in Kansas

The Irvine, California-based chain was alerted to the copycat logo by disappointed customers who allegedly thought that one of its restaurants was opening in Kansas.
Jelisa Castrodale
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Cop

"It's not a very positive job. You know, people aren't calling us to ask if we’re having a good day or to invite us to go out to lunch."
Justin Caffier
Street Food

How This Elotero Is Dealing With Gentrification

A street corn vendor in Highland Park is now accepting debit and credit cards through the Square app, something that was previously unheard of for LA’s street vendors.
Javier Cabral
The Law

Judge Tosses Lawsuit Complaining About the Ice in Starbucks Iced Drinks

“If children have figured out that including ice in a cold beverage decreases the amount of liquid they will receive, [then] a reasonable customer would not be deceived [by the ice],” the judge wrote.
Jelisa Castrodale

'Views Are My Own': What Happens When You Shit Talk Your Employer Online

Chipotle was recently ordered to stop firing workers for venting about poor work conditions on Twitter, but companies can technically still terminate employees for speaking out.
Gabby Bess

Man Charged with Incest After Sexually Assaulting Trans Stepdaughter for Years

An Australian man has been charged with incest after sexually abusing his transgender stepdaughter since 2002. We spoke with a trans rights organization and the Human Rights Campaign to understand the heightened risks facing trans youth.
Diana Tourjée
The Law

Frivolous Lawsuit of the Day: Three Moms Mad That Cheez-Its Aren’t Healthy Enough

In an anti-carb world, it was only a matter of time until even the most innocuously wheaty little snacks would be under fire. Like, say, the squares of joy known as Cheez-Its.
Hilary Pollack