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Paul Thomas Anderson on Why He Made 'Inherent Vice'

"Any time a new book of Pynchon's has come out—at least since I've been around—it's like I hang the 'do not disturb' sign on the door and don't come out until it's done."


'Inherent Vice' and the Complicated Protagonists of Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson is not afraid to get weird. His latest effort happens to get weird in the sense that it seems to deliver a contact high as you're watching it.


Philip Seymour Hoffman's Light Touch

Philip, like Marlon Brando, had innate power. Year after year, he hit us with constant magic—veiling a hurricane of emotion and humanity underneath a soft-spoken exterior.


Brief Reviews of Every Movie I Saw in Theaters in 2012

Maybe American movies used to be better before they started trying to remake everything, or maybe I was just a little kid then and now I’m slightly more tired of it all. Whatever the case, here are some tiny shitface diatribes about the eight movies I...


I Don’t Want to Read Any More Books About Straight White People Having Sex

I was drawn into the hype over Sheila Heti’s 'How Should a Person Be?' primarily after James Wood published his review criticizing the book as “evasive,” “vaguely intelligent,” and of “a deliberate flippancy.” I’ll be the first to say James Wood is a...


This is the Banned 1945 US Army Documentary That Inspired "The Master"

In _Hard Eight_, Paul Thomas Anderson's first feature, John C. Reilly becomes the gambling protege of Phillip Baker Hall. Like some of Bret Easton Ellis' returning characters, Anderson scripted Phillip Baker Hall, in _Boogie Nights_ and _Magnolia_, to...


Watch This Trailer: 'The Master' Is Totally Not About Scientology

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of those directors that film nerds and other more reasonable people seem to universally respect as a brilliant auteur. It's fitting then that his sixth film be dubbed _The Master_. _The Master_ in question here though isn...