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Don't Apologize Quincy Jones, You Living Legend

Giving two of the best interviews in recent memory is nothing to be sorry about??
Tshepo Mokoena

Can White People Please Stop Demonizing Bubble Tea?

We don't see health warnings about unicorn lattes or rocky road ice cream, yet bubble tea remains the subject of incessant fear-mongering.
Celeste Yim

​What the Graphic Coverage of the Nice Attack Tells Us About the Media

We talked to a media sociologist about Thursday night's rolling coverage of a horrific attack that saw 84 people killed while celebrating Bastille Day.
Morgane Fabre-Bouvier
weak in review

iWeak In Review: The Big Game and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a football game, and it looks like it will be a good one. Everything around it is bigger, dumber, worse, and more expensive. That won't change.
David Roth

Floyd Mayweather's History of Violence and All That Money Wants

Floyd Mayweather is a great fighter and a loathsome misogynist. But the man who named himself "Money" is only worth a thing if we continue to pay for it.
David Roth
the media

Players, Haters, Ball, and the Players' Choice Awards

The NBA Players Association wants to have its own postseason awards. It's not like the world needs more awards, but how could it be worse than the status quo?
Colin McGowan

CNN Host Don Lemon Covered Ferguson Like a Judgmental Mom

He was too busy narking people out to think about what he was saying.
Dave Schilling
Here Be Dragons

Cutting Through the Bullshit Surrounding Flight MH370

Somehow, it's not enough for the media to simply report that a plane is missing, presumed crashed, and no one has found the wreckage yet—they have to build elaborate narratives about terrorism and "mystery passengers."
Martin Robbins

You Can't Just Walk Around Masturbating in Public, Swedish People

After a 65-year-old man was acquitted of indecency charges after jacking it on a public beach, international media outlets reported that it was OK to masturbate on beaches in Sweden. This is not true, everyone!
Caisa Ederyd

Reality TV and the Selling of Love

The love <em>The Bachelorette</em> constantly references isn’t recognizable because it’s love as panacea—the idea that love itself, not the thing you love, not the goodness love inspires in you, will set you free and save you from your shit job and...
Colin McGowan
The Mercy Rule

The Least Important Important Thing

A VICE Sports columnist bids farewell.
David Roth
The Mercy Rule

The Least Important Important Thing

I would not and should not be writing about sports if I didn't think they were a way to better understand and enjoy a complicated moment-to-moment existence—not to mention a pretty righteous excuse to tell that existence to fuck off for a couple hours...
David Roth