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Trump wants to beef up the military, but recruiters are having trouble finding people

President Trump has ordered the biggest single-year increase in recruitment targets in the history of the armed services.


We found another secret military site that was revealed by a fitness app

The Pentagon is reviewing its app policy after one app's user activity "heat map" revealed undisclosed locations.


Trump says the military will be devastated by a government shutdown. It won’t.​

Experts say the military is largely exempt from a shutdown and will continue to operate normally.


More Fantasy, Less War: The Games the Military Plays

Researchers look at what servicemembers get from games, and how their experiences may reshape their play.


How the US Military Could Spend $54 Billion

President Trump wants to take a hatchet to America's federal budget and give what's left to its military. Here's what that might look like.


A Mercenary Explains How to Survive in the Jungle

The ex-military operative—now working as a mercenary—trains Asian military regiments in the Filipino jungle. We caught up to talk survival tips and evasion tactics.


The US Air Force’s Updated E-3G Radar Planes Are Vulnerable to Hacks

Ironically, the downside to having modern computers in planes lies in their susceptibility to that most contemporary of threats—hacking.


How the US Army Influences Almost Everything in the Supermarket

I joined Anastacia Marx de Salcedo, author of Combat-Ready Kitchen, on a tour of a supermarket to examine how the US military has had a hand in just about everything we commonly eat.


How I'm Bringing New Nordic Cuisine to the Navy

The military is known for mass feeding and not for fine dining, but as a Navy chef, I'm bringing in more fermentation, home brewing, and foraging. A lot of these Admirals have never seen that kind of food in the military.


This British Versus American Sniper Debate Is a Bizarre Form of Patriotic Dick-Swinging

Neither Chris Kyle nor the Sun's anonymous British marine is actually the best sniper ever. But it's a weird point of pride either way.