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The Mountain Goats Honor a WWE Star on "Song for Sasha Banks"

Banks asked for the song on Twitter three years ago, shortly after John Darnielle released 'Beat the Champ.'
Alex Robert Ross
Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

Robert Christgau on Blondie and The Mountain Goats

The Dean also reckons with Peter Perrett's 'How the West Was Won.'
Robert Christgau
Holy Shit

Here’s Against Me!’s New Live Film, Featuring a Perfect Mountain Goats Cover

The 50-minute Apple Music video features Laura Jane Grace's solo take on John Darnielle's "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton."
Alex Robert Ross

John Darnielle Lived the Teenage Goth Life I Never Did

“You don’t have to be goth 24 hours a day” and other lessons from the Mountain Goats frontman.
Cam Lindsay
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The Mountain Goats Make Good on Their 'Goths' Album Title with the Dramatic "Rain in Soho"

How much more goth could this be? None, none more goth.
Phil Witmer

John Darnielle Is the Voice of Outcasts and Weirdos Everywhere

We spent the day with the author and Mountain Goats frontman to talk about his excellent novel 'Universal Harvester,' mosh pits, and North Carolina politics.
Drew Millard
Internet Exploring

Listen to the Mountain Goats' Rejected Star Wars Song "The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones"

Now you know that Rian Johnson has a Soundcloud.
Phil Witmer

John Darnielle on Horror, His Novel ‘Wolf in White Van,’ and the Enduring Appeal of Pasolini

We spoke over the phone with the author and Mountain Goats mastermind, who opened up about his love of horror flicks and watching art-house films at 12.
Mark Doten
Holy Shit

The Mountain Goats Get in the Ring in their New Video for "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero"

Rest in peace, Eddie.
John Hill
the vice reader

An Excerpt from John Darnielle's 'Wolf in White Van'

John Darnielle, best known as the guy behind the Mountain Goats, just came out with a book about a dude with a fucked-up face who runs role-playing games by mail. It's pretty good!
John Darnielle

Here Are the New Year's Songs Idiots Will Be Quoting on Facebook Today

Auld Lame Syne.
Dan Ozzi