The MUNCHIES Guide to Summer

    • 6.27.16

      Don't Underestimate a Spicy Summer Salad

      A good rib can be ruined by a gelatinous puck of macaroni salad or watery slaw slithering up next to it on your plate, so remember that it's the sides that make a backyard barbecue memorable.

    • 12.31.15

      Give Your New Year's Party a Punch

      This isn’t the diluted Kool-Aid mixed with frozen “fruit punch” concentrate that they were serving in your high school gym. For legitimately delicious punch, we asked some quality bartenders to throw us their favorite renditions of high-end jungle...

    • 7.2.15

      How to Drink Like Your Grandparents and Enjoy It

      Yes, all grandmas are different, and some don't even drink. But these cocktails—Pimm's Cups and wine spritzers—are for old people, or at least the old at heart.

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    • 6.29.15

      The MUNCHIES Guide to Summer: Classic Beach Cocktails

      Nothing says summer like a cheesy beach cocktail. But why ruin a good thing like sunshine with bad booze and a mixer that you bought in the same store as your toilet paper? We've updated two classics—the Blue Hawaii and the Piña Colada—for your...