The No Photos Issue


Тhe Dark Lord of Logos

Vice: So, Christophe Szpajdel, we hear that you're the master of black-metal logos. But who are you, really?


CSI Berlin: Tatjana Bergius Used to Draw Horrible Things for the Police

Two years ago I interviewed Tatjana Bergius for the Cops Issue of Vice in Germany. She used to work for the Berlin police drawing rapists, murderers and other nasty people.


Ragnar Persson

"The only things that I’m embarrassed about are the drawings I made when I was going to an art school in Gothenburg."


Twotom Likes Smiles Even More Than Penises

Vice: Your stuff is supergay. Who are all the handsome boys in your drawings?


Rowan Tedge Has Ample Time On The Train Every Day To Be Creative

Vice: Your style is quite distinctive, how would you describe it?


If You Post Pictures of Your Naked Girlfriend...

Do you think making art is more like masturbating to web porn or having sex with a beautiful girl?


Mimi Leung Admits That She Is Interested in Poop

Vice: Hello, Mimi Leung. Describe how you got to be talking to me here now via being born and then living as a human on this earth.



Vice: I hear you only draw with ballpoint pens and permanent markers.


Judgment Day: Vicki Behringer Sketches People About to Go to Jail

Not all artists spend their days smoking hand-rolled cigarettes and getting hammered down at the Rusty Toe while wondering what to do with the next few weeks of their lives.


Martin Skauen Prefers Dogs To Humans

Vice: Hello, you Norwegian artist you. I command thee to describe your drawings without using the word “amazing.” Ready? Go!


Ben Ross Is An Austrian Artist...

Vice: Hi Ben. We really like the cat motif you have going in these drawings.


Keith Jones Wants To Be A Dog But Is Really A Bird

Vice: I imagine the inside of your brain looking like your drawings, but more Canadian.