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P.F. Chang's

Local News Team Inexplicably Mixes Up Pyeongchang with P.F. Chang’s in Olympics Coverage

The Chinese-American restaurant chain confirmed that it is not, in fact, hosting the Winter Olympics.
Mayukh Sen

The Olympics' Biggest Problem Is Its Unwavering Belief That It Has The Duty To Exist

"Have you ever asked yourself why you really love the Olympic and Paralympic Games?"
Aaron Gordon
the legacy of the rio olympics

Understanding Team GB's Olympic Success Alongside The Disaster In Brazil

While British coverage of the Olympics was overwhelmingly positive, we often ignored the darker side of the Games. When we look back on Rio's legacy, it will be with both pride and discomfort.
Alex Keble
1936 olympics

Sex and Gender in Hitler's Shadow: Dora Ratjen and the 1936 Olympics

Ahead of the 1936 Olympics, Dora Ratjen was one of Nazi Germany's great medal hopes. She failed to live up to her Olympic billing, and soon found her gender and identity under devastating scrutiny.
Mike Henson
justice for jousting

English Heritage Lobby To Have Jousting Included In The Olympics, Claim To Be “Deadly Serious”

Don’t mess with English Heritage, lads, because they are deadly serious about medieval sports.
Will Magee
Rio 2016

Court of Arbitration for Sport Rejects Russia’s Appeal Against Olympic Doping Ban

Russia's appeal related to the ban imposed by the IAAF in late 2015, after evidence of widespread, state-sponsored doping was uncovered.
UK Sports Staff
Rio 2016

Russian Whistleblower Yuliya Stepanova Set To Compete at Rio 2016 Under Neutral Flag

Stepanova played a crucial part in exposing the Russian doping scandal ahead of the Olympics, and will now take part as a neutral athlete.
UK Sports Staff
Rio 2016

Body Parts Wash Up on Shore of Rio Olympics Beach Volleyball Venue

There has been a sharp rise in crime in Rio ahead of the Olympics, while police forces are currently struggling with internal strikes and crippling financial problems.
UK Sports Staff

A Shopping Mall Has Become a Weird 24-Hour Haven for London's Skate Subculture

Through the evening and into the night, the Stratford Center houses a community of skaters, dancers, and body-poppers who move liberated from stereo to stereo. It's like being in an 80s version of the future.
Tim Burrows

We Talked To The Architect Turning Selfies Into Giant Monuments At Sochi

Take the Mount Rushmore of Instagram selfies.
Zach Sokol
The Mercy Rule

The Olympics Are Weird

The Olympics are an expensive, relentlessly over-branded jarring event choreographed by idiots. They're also weird and awesome.
David Roth

Lolo Jones Might Be a Virgin Forever

All of her potential suitors are jackoffs.
Lou Doggs