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The Mannequin Challenge Is So Popular Even Billionaires Are Doing It

Desus and Mero discuss the evolution of the unavoidable viral challenge on Monday night's episode of their late night VICELAND show.


Beijing Overtakes New York to Become Billionaire Capital of the World

An annual global rich list shows an explosive boom in China's wealth, with the number of Chinese billionaires growing by 90 over the past year while Russia's fell by 14.


Sixty-Two People Now Have a Greater Net Worth Than Half the World's Population

As the World Economic Forum gets underway in Davos, Oxfam has highlighted runaway wealth inequality across the globe, and the tax havens which keep extreme wealth out of government hands.


Japan Has a New Social Network But It's Hardly Letting Anyone In

If you can get past the AI bouncer, you're in.


Going to an Ivy League School Sucks

If you're one of the few who've been chosen to go to an Ivy League school this fall, here's what you're in for. And if you're not, maybe you should be thankful for that.


Portrait of a Russian Oligarch

After the collapse of Communism in Russia, as state assets were divvied up and privatized, a few individuals stepped in to take the reins of this entrepreneurial experiment. Rewarded with massive fortunes and fame, they came to be known as "the...


Stop Asking Us About David Choe

You goddamn vultures.