the past


'Susan at the Museum,' Today's Comic by Julian Glander

Susan is blown away by a piece of conceptual art that reminds her of summertime with her family.
Julian Glander

This Dying Westworld-Like Theme Park in South Dakota Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Welcome to 1880 Cowboy Town in Buffalo Ridge: roadside Americana at its weirdest and most surreal.
Michael Goldberg
weak in review

David Roth's Weak in Review: Growing Up in a Golden State

This season has belonged to the Golden State Warriors from its first moments, and it's been amazing. But the future doesn't belong to the Warriors alone.
David Roth
This Actually Happened

Reflecting on When Kanye West Used to Gleefully Tell Wank Jokes on Shit UK Chatshows

An in-depth investigation into that time Kanye West hosted the Friday Night Project with Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr.
Joe Zadeh
jimmy "superfly" snuka

The Past Is Not Finished With Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Or Wrestling

In 1982, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's girlfriend died under suspicious circumstances. On Tuesday, he was charged in her death. In wrestling, the past is never past.
Ian Williams

In Unearthed College Essay, Ann Coulter Rails Against Conservative Men

In a college essay originally published in "The Cornell Review"—the Ivy League university's Republican newspaper she founded in 1984—a young Ann Coulter writes about how conservative men have "a difficult time with women."
Mitchell Sunderland
Britain Is a Weird Place

Inside the Town Where Everyone Pretends to Be from the Past

I went to the Black Country Living Museum and hated the past—until I realized I hated the present more.
Joe Bish

'FHM' Wrote a Guide to the Internet 20 Years Ago and It's Hilarious

Dissecting their seminal October 1995 feature, "How to Log On the Internet."
Joel Golby

Cancer, The Crab

The strongest stereotype related to Cancer is that they love home, family, and food, but there's a lot more to the crab than that.
Annabel Gat

PREMIERE: Experience the Crushing Monotony of Life After a Break Up with St. Lenox's "Bitter Pill"

St. Lenox is your new favorite songwriter who is also a lawyer who is very good at singing songs that make you feel like shit—in a good way!
Eric Sundermann
2014 in Review

Back to the Future: On Prince and D'Angelo's Welcome Returns in 2014's Art Official Age

This year saw the two reclusive R&B legends emerge from isolation ever so briefly to engage with the world, and we should all feel lucky.
Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy
we saw this

I Cared Because You Did: Inside Aphex Twin’s Syro NYC Listening Party

Richard D. James brought his merry prankster vibes to Brooklyn and into the alternate future.
Gary Suarez