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‘Pose’ Star Angelica Ross is Amplifying the Voices of Transgender Tech Workers

The breakout star of “Pose” is an outspoken advocate for transgender rights in front of the camera and behind the scenes, taking an untraditional path to train a community of tech workers.
Jenna Milliner-Waddell
Tyler Young
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Black Tech Conferences Offer a Lifeline in a Predominantly White Industry

The Plug took a look at more than 15 annual Black tech conferences to understand if and how these niche conferences are shaping inclusive cultures within the tech industry.
Sherrell Dorsey
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This Tech Nonprofit Is Trying to Help Homeless People Get IDs

Most chronically homeless people don’t have a valid ID and can’t afford to get one. A team of Atlanta entrepreneurs are out to break the ID barrier—which can bar homeless people from getting jobs, obtaining housing, and accessing vital government services
Mary Mazzoni
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Bias In Maternal AI Could Hurt Expectant Black Mothers

Black women experience worse maternal mortality rates than their white counterparts. Will machine learning make it worse or better?
Omotayo Banjo
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The Rise of Black-Owned Co-Working Spaces

Entrepreneurs say these 56 offices offer a safe space for innovation.
Sherrell Dorsey
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This VR Founder Wants to Gamify Empathy to Reduce Racial Bias

Clorama Dorvilias wants to remove shame and guilt from diversity and inclusion training.
Tyler Young
The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

Meet the Woman Amplifying Black Voices in Tech

Sherrell Dorsey launched The PLUG, a platform for new ideas and voices in the tech industry, in 2016.
VICE Staff
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We're Teaming Up With 'The Plug', a Daily Newsletter on Black Entrepreneurs in Tech

Motherboard and The Plug will collaborate to bring you original stories.
Sherrell Dorsey
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These Formerly Incarcerated Entrepreneurs Are Trying to Keep People Out of Prison

Unlocked Futures funds startups formed by and for people who have dealt with the justice system.
Mary Mazzoni

Dro Fe's Hustle History Boils Down to the 'Narcowave 3' Project

"It’s the Wild Wild West out there," says the Texas Rapper. "That’s what Narcowave is."
Andreas Brauning

Gabrielle Sterbenz's New Video for "The Bridge" Is the Plug for Sadness

Sometimes the best way to turn up is to bum yourself out.
Noisey Staff
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I'm Crying Listening to Young Scooter's "Hector"

Having a grandfather named Hector certainly helps.
Neil Martinez-Belkin