The Replacements

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'Mats Fans Rejoice, a 1986 Replacements Gig Is Getting an Official Release

We "Can't Hardly Wait" for this rare live album. We'll see ourselves out.
Phil Witmer
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Rank Your Records: Tommy Stinson Rates The Replacements' Seven Iconic LPs

The founding bassist reflects on the musical output during his time with America's favorite Midwestern slackers.
Mike Campbell
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Revisiting JohnnyThunders and the Heartbreakers's 'L.A.M.F.' Live at Bowery Electric

Members of Blondie, Guns 'N Roses, MC5, and The Replacements gathered at Bowery Electric to pay tribute to the New York Doll's most iconic moments.
Caryn Rose

The Real and Rowdy Lydia Loveless Is So Over “The Alt-Country Songstress Bonanza”

The Ohio songwriter talks about her sonic evolution on new album 'Real,' her relationship with death, and the documentary 'Who Is Lydia Loveless?'
Matt Williams

You Can't Take the Boy Out of the Replacements: An Interview with the Band's Biographer Bob Mehr

'Trouble Boys' is a new book chronicling the legendary band's influential career.
Jonathan Cohen
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Paul Westerberg’s T-Shirts Have a Message for You About The Replacements’ Breakup

But what exactly does it mean? We throw theories at the wall.
Dan Ozzi

A Love Letter to the Replacements

Very few bands made music as furious, honest, and as loaded with sadness, frustration, and teenaged alienation.
Oscar Rickett
Holy Shit

Watch Miley Cyrus, Laura Jane Grace, and Joan Jett Cover The Replacements’ “Androgynous”

The next song in Cyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation Backyard Session.
Dan Ozzi

Premiere: Yung - "Nobody Cares"

Recalling elements of Jay Reatard and The Replacements, Yung are the latest punk rock force to come from Denmark.
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The Replacements Don't Give a Single Shit About Your Fandom

"You paid so we came."
Brad Cohan
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How to Fake Your Enthusiasm About a Band Reuniting

Have you not heard of this band that's reuniting? Don't worry, we're here to help.
Dan Ozzi
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Band From TV: 11 Musical Acts Who Have Been Kicked Off the Small Screen

God bless live TV.
Dan Ozzi