the ring


Remembering the J-Horror Craze of the Early 2000s

The new Ring film wants to bring back the very specific type of Japanese horror movie that once captivated America.


Someone Uploaded the Ring Video Online in the First 'Rings' Trailer

Samara, the killer ghost, has expanded her murder spree beyond a few random VHS tape viewers for this 'Ring' sequel, which is useful since no one owns VHS players anymore.


Why The Horror Trope of the Creepy Young Girl Persists

"When we see a young girl that comes from innocence and turned into something lethal, it's frightening on a base primordial level."


Watch Chelsea Wolfe's Video for "Carrion Flower" and Die in Seven Days

Is this 'The Ring 3'? No, it's just the video for "Carrion Flowers."