The Satanic Temple


Satanists Are the Heroes of a New Sundance Documentary

In 'Hail Satan?', filmmaker Penny Lane highlights The Satanic Temple's journey from trolling activists to an international religious movement.
Justin Caffier
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Satanists vs. Republicans: A Battle for Abortion Rights Rages in Missouri

This week, a Missouri appeals court heard oral arguments from the Satanic Temple, who claim the state's abortion restrictions are a violation of their religious freedom.
Callie Beusman

How the Satanic Temple Became a Queer Haven

The Temple is a haven for smart people with complicated identities that promotes benevolence and empathy.
Kate Ryan

The Satanic Temple Built a Black Cube Monument to Honor Veterans

Sculptor Chris Andres and metalworker Adam Volpe talk about building a public monument to veterans.
DJ Pangburn
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Parents Are Upset About a Teacher's 300-Pound Pentagram Display

The installation showed up earlier this month in Boca Raton's "free expression" zone, complete with the words "May the Children Hail Satan."
Lauren Messman

'Cum Rags for Congress': Satanists Protest Texas Abortion Law with Semen Socks

In response to Texas' absurd fetus funeral rule, an activist from the Satanic Temple is encouraging people to send items coated in semen (or semen-like substances) to Governor Greg Abbott.
Callie Beusman

Satanic Art: A Fight for Freedom

Is Satanism the most inclusive religion? Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple believes it is.
The Creators Project

Finally, an After-School Club for Satanists

The Satanic Temple is working to provide an alternative to Christian after-school clubs.
Jonathan Smith

We Attended the Satanic Temple's Naked Ritual Endorsing 'The Witch'

The Satanic Temple's ritualistic endorsement of the film 'The Witch' involved nudity, a dominatrix, and a speech about "socio-spiritual transgression."
Lauren Duca

'The Witch' Is a Kick in the Balls of Patriarchy

The eagerly awaited, terrifying movie about Puritans and the occult is also a story about empowerment.
Jenni Miller
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Satanists Call for Investigation into 'Satanic Panic' Killing of 8-Year-Old Boy

In 2010, Gigi Jordan killed her autistic son, claiming that she wanted to save him from a lifetime of torture and sexual abuse. According to activists from the Satanic Temple, a therapist she saw may have contributed to her Satanic ritual–related...
Sophie Saint Thomas
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We Went to a Detroit Noise Rave for the Unveiling of the Statue of Baphomet

Wolf Eyes, Sadist, and William Morrison of Skinny Puppy played a warehouse rave that had to be hidden from anti-Satanist protesters.
Maximilian de la Garza