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Millie Turner Sounds Like the Pulse of a 2AM Dancefloor

She's a London teen whose latest track “The Shadow” is an almost club-ready track about inner creativity.
Ryan Bassil
crime & drugs

The US Has Indicted Three Alleged Syrian Electronic Army Hackers for Cyber Crimes

The trio is accused of being associated with a hacking group that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that has claimed responsibility for hacks targeting the media, human rights organizations, and the US government.
Tess Owen

One of the Syrian Electronic Army Hackers Was Also an Extortionist, Feds Say

A freshly unsealed complaint claims that some suspected members of the Syrian Electronic Army hacked for the cash.
Joseph Cox
Inside Schilling

Five Ways to Save Alec Baldwin's Career

Alec Baldwin is threatening to quit show business after getting caught using a homophobic slur. With his MSNBC show put on hiatus, all he's got left is begging for a 30 Rock spinoff or shocking the world by dating a guy to save his reputation.
Dave Schilling

The Syrian Electronic Army Talks About Tuesday’s Hacks

We contacted the SEA via email and received several answers from Th3Pr0, leader of the Special Operations Department in the Syrian Electronic Army about Tuesday's hacks on the websites of the New York Times, Twitter, and the Huffington Post UK.
Dell Cameron & Oz Katerji

Photographer Questions His Identity With Images Of Shadow Wearing His Shoes

Pol Úbeda Hervàs’ series I’m Not There shows a man unsure of himself.
Kevin Holmes