The Shadow Brokers


Cryptocurrency Transactions May Uncover Sales of Shadow Broker Hacking Tools

Even though the Shadow Brokers told customers to use privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash, researchers may have found clues pointing to who tried to buy more of the group's wares.


Ex-NSA Hackers Worry China And Russia Will Try to Arrest Them

The US government has been indicting foreign government hackers, and American government hackers are worried China and Russia might start doing the same to them.


Ex-NSA Hackers Are Not Surprised by Bombshell Kaspersky Report

Former NSA hackers respond to the revelation of yet another breach at the spy agency.


The Shadow Brokers Have Made Almost $90,000 Selling Hacking Tools by Subscription, Researcher Says

An anonymous researcher has been able to identify the email address of people who have subscribed to the monthly dump service by the mysterious hacking group.


Hackers Are Crowdfunding Cryptocurrency to Buy Alleged NSA Exploits

Using a Patreon to raise cash to buy Zcash to obtain alleged state-level exploits to stop the next wave of ransomware infecting hospitals. The future is weird.


This Is How the NSA Infiltrated a Huge Banking Network in the Middle East

The NSA hacking tools dumped by The Shadow Brokers show how the spy agency broke into the major Dubai-based EastNets system.


Newly Leaked Hacking Tools Were Worth $2 Million on the Gray Market

The new Windows hacking tools allegedly stolen from the NSA were worth a lot of money before they were dropped for free on the internet.


The Latest Dump of Alleged NSA Tools Is ‘The Worst Thing Since Snowden’

Thanks to the Shadow Brokers, any hacker can now easily attack and pwn millions of Windows computers on the internet.


Your Government's Hacking Tools Are Not Safe

From Cellebrite, to Shadow Brokers, to the CIA dump, so many recent data breaches have shown there is a real risk of exposure of government hacking tools.


Alleged NSA Victim Denies Hackers Ever Broke In

The Shadow Brokers released several alleged NSA files, which explicitly called out EastNet as a target.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

White House urges Russia to break with Assad, Egypt mulls state of emergency after church bombings, FOX hires law firm to investigate sex harassment claim against O'Reilly, and more.


They're Back: The Shadow Brokers Release More Alleged Exploits

In their new post, the NSA hackers pointed specifically to President Trump, and recent political events.