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The Untold Story of 'The Sims,' Your First Favorite Jazz Record

The songs that soundtracked the game's Build Mode introduced millions of unknowing kids to new age jazz. The musicians behind it were just trying to make something that wouldn't interfere with your landscaping.
Alex Robert Ross
The Sims

'The Sims' Helped Me Cope With Bullying

Video games can be a powerful coping mechanism.
Lisa Cumming

Every Time I Think I Can Quit The Sims, A Cat and a Roomba Drag Me Back In

The Sims’ pervasive weirdness, alongside its rampant consumerism, never fails.
Cameron Kunzelman
Kiss and Tell

There Should Be More to Video Game Sex Than Just Home Runs

First base, second, third, bingo—and games constantly race to the end. But can’t we just stop at a hand-job for once?
Kate Gray
Sim City

A Man Who Grew Up Playing Sim City is Now Building His Own Town

Jimmy Stice spent his childhood in the suburbs of Atlanta playing video games like Sim City. Now, he is the founder of Kalu Yala—a village in the heart of the Panamanian rainforest that aims to be the world’s most sustainable place to live.
Prashast Thapan

The 15-Year-Old Modder Who Gave Kids Nightmarish Horns in ‘The Sims 4’

Look, even I don’t know about this one.
Patrick Klepek
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'The Sims' Now Lets You Create Gender Neutral Characters

"The update gives players more ways to reflect the world around them, or in their imaginations," said the game's lead producer, Lyndsay Pearson.
Scott Renton

I Discover All the Best Music in My Life Through Video Games, and I’m Not Alone

Without Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Grand Theft Auto, and Dave Mirra, my music library would probably be a near empty vessel.
Mat Ombler

Why 'The Sims' Must Die

Stories about the dark side of The Sims have been around since the first game released in 2000.
Emanuel Maiberg

Why 'The Sims' Have Low Divorce Rates

Because marriage is winning.
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sims

What can these little digital people teach us about how to improve our own lives? Plenty, if you understand how to best pull their strings.
Jordan Erica Webber

Talking 'The Sims,' Vin Diesel Crying, and Painting with Pixels with Artist TV Moore

We caught up with the Australian video artist ahead of his show opening Saturday at ACCA in Melbourne.
Margaret Gordon