The Streets

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'Noisey Birmingham' Takes a Dive Into the Next Wave of British Rap

We're biased, but this is our best film yet—it features Lady Leshurr, Mist, Jaykae, Lotto Boyz, and more, and it's hosted by Mike Skinner.
Noisey UK Staff
Holy Shit

The Streets Dropped Two New Tracks While You Weren’t Looking

Soak up the taste of “Burn Bridges” and “Sometimes I Hate My Friends More Than My Enemies”
Noisey UK Staff
Remembering Things

Be Brave, Clench Fists: 'Original Pirate Material' is a Timeless Document of Britain

On his debut album 15 years ago, Mike Skinner set out a hedonistic document of love, life and strife—and set it to a UK garage soundtrack that hasn’t been bettered since.
Ryan Bassil
Greatest UK MCs of All Time

The UK's Greatest MCs, Number 4: Mike Skinner

Few can match the former Streets leader's knack for deftly documenting the minutiae of British life.
Ryan Bassil

Reflections on The Streets' "Weak Become Heroes": A Requiem for Your Wasted Twenties

There will be that one comedown that hits you harder than the others, and makes you look at what you're doing with naked scrutiny.
Tom Usher
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

The Streets' Mike Skinner Gives a History Lesson on Skinheads for Dr. Martens

If the Streets' Mike Skinner ever wanted to leave music behind, he could easily have a second career as a history teacher.
Marissa G. Muller
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We've Uncovered the Formula for Having a Hit Song in 2013

Phoenix, MGMT, Le Youth, and Fryars have all utilized the formula. It's pretty complicated.
Georgie Okell
The Violence Issue

Calling All Birds

Mike Skinner (AKA The Streets) hails from London, the global capital of beer and pirate radio. He plays straight-up cockney garage-rad-ass stuff to which you can drink beer, dance, rip up pubs, or get arrested for dealing.
Jeff McGovern