The Strip


This Grassroots Group Is Feeding Home-Cooked Meals to the Homeless in Las Vegas

Siloh Moses was living on the streets of Las Vegas just 18 months ago. Since then, he founded ServingHopeLV, a grassroots organization that brings home-cooked meals to the homeless.


The Best Fine Food in Las Vegas Is Not on the Strip

Artisanal Foods, a Las Vegas-based specialty food purveyor that supplies fine dining restaurants with fancy-schmancy provisions, is now slinging affordable foie gras at a 7,500-square-foot warehouse next to the airport.


An Ode to the Outrageous World of Las Vegas Drinking Vessels

Why would you settle for a koozie-wrapped Bud Light bottle when you can drink out of a three-feet-long plastic cup shaped like a woman’s leg? Fishnets, high heels, and all?


Inside the Tunnels Las Vegas's Homeless Population Calls Home

In the 1990s, the Hydro Conduit Corporation began building storm-drainage tunnels in Las Vegas to protect the tourist destination from raging flash floods. Today, the tunnels house the city's homeless population.


I Went to Las Vegas Alone and Was Totally Depressed

Visiting Las Vegas solo is one of the most heartbreakingly bleak things a person could do. Naturally, I had to do it.