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Gun-Toting Militias Are Now Part of Local Politics Thanks to Trump

When self-designated patriot groups first emerged during the early 90s, they identified as enemies of the "New World Order." Now they're playing the game.
Alex Yablon
true crime

I Had to Announce My Own Brother's Shooting Death to the Public

I'm a police spokesman in Baltimore, responsible for telling the city when someone gets shot. This time hit much closer to home.
T.J. Smith as told to Kerry Shaw

The NRA Annoyed Me into Quitting

I only lasted a year or two, but I get why some gun owners see it as a necessary evil.
Anshel Sag, as told to Kerry Shaw

The Republican Healthcare Plan Could Make Getting Shot Hurt Even Worse

If they become law, the president's massive Medicaid cuts figure to devastate the communities at unique risk of gun violence in America.
Elizabeth Van Brocklin and Olivia Li
gun control

The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked

Analyzing 37 years of data, a Stanford team finds no basis for a theory at the heart of the modern gun-rights movement.
Alex Yablon
domestic violence

After My Boyfriend Murdered Our Son, I Found Healing at the Gun Range

He shot me, too, with a 9mm Glock. Now that's the gun I keep at home.
Shannon Paolini as told to Max Siegelbaum

The Mothers Haunted by Their Sons' Unsolved Murders

When cops can't solve homicides, families carry the weight.
Francesca Mirabile

The Scary Loophole That Lets Stalkers Have Guns

Stalking is extremely common in America. Another thing that's super common? Gun ownership.
Kerry Shaw

How Easy Should It Be to Buy a Silencer?

Until the tragic shooting in DC postponed a key hearing Wednesday, Congress was set to debate deregulating gun silencers in America.
James K. Williamson

Inside a Class That Teaches Politicians When It’s OK to Shoot Someone

“I hate the term, 'Don’t take the law into your own hands.' I wish more people would.”
Blake Nelson
true crime

I Was Shot Nine Times and Can Barely Make Ends Meet

I'm only 28 years old, but with all this pain, I feel like I'm 50.
Derrick Strong as told to Elizabeth Van Brocklin

The Haunting Social Media Trail Left by a Teen Gang Member

I've researched how social media beefs become IRL shootings in Chicago for years. This is what it all means for preventing gun violence.
Desmond Patton