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Let's Invent a New Genre of Christmas Music

There are only a few good Christmas songs, and it's impossible to add to the canon. So we propose something new, something that can include Gucci Mane, The Germs, and Gillian Welch. We suggest Neo-Christmas music.
Drew Schwartz

Ex-Walkmen's Peter Matthew Bauer Is an Astrologer

Once the guitarist of The Walkmen, Bauer now splits his time between indie rock and getting extremely astrological. So we had him do a reading.
Jennifer Maerz

Hamilton + Rostam Sitting in a Tree

Vampire Weekend's Rostam and The Walkmen's Hamilton have made an excellent, tenderly titled LP, 'I Had a Dream That You Were Mine​.'
Cam Lindsay
Holy Shit

Rostam and Hamilton Leithauser Are Making Music Together: Here's "A 1000 Times"

Yeah! That one from Vampire Weekend and the lead singer from The Walkmen! Listen to their first song "1000 Times," plus an album is forthcoming.
Kim Taylor Bennett
VICE Premiere

Pelican Movement's New Song 'Light Like Before' Will Give You Weird Daydreams

It's spacey, and if you listen to it at work you may find yourself sleepwalking out of the office to go home and cuddle with your cat.
Charlie Ambler

Watch Peter Matthew Bauer's Video for "You Are the Chapel" and Just Try Not to Feel Awesome About Everything in Life

See the latest from the former Walkman's new LP 'Liberation!'
Eric Sundermann
Longreads Or Whatever

Walking Beyond the Walkmen: Peter Bauer Starts Over

The former bassist of the Walkmen launches his career as a solo artist with 'Liberation!' and we have the premiere of his new video for "Philadelphia Raga."
Ryan Leas

Hamilton Leithauser Ventures New with 'Black Hours'

The Walkmen frontman carries his past with him on his solo project.
Cameron Cuchulainn
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Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes and a Bunch of Other Cool Bands Paid Tribute to The Byrds' Gene Clark

While the Grammys were going on a bunch of America's finest indie acts were harmonizing and wailing on the guitar in tribute to the late Gene Clark. Singer Emmy The Great observes…
Emma-Lee Moss

Here Are the New Year's Songs Idiots Will Be Quoting on Facebook Today

Auld Lame Syne.
Dan Ozzi