The Web at 25


Tim Berners-Lee Wants a World Wide Web Where Our Data Works for Us

The future of the web as its creator thinks it should be.


​The Future of the Web Is as Much About Psychology as Technology

The technology of 2050 will be at least partly defined by our own evolution.


Two Years Later, Where Is Occupy's Internet?

Catching up with Isaac Wilder, who we first met during the height of Occupy actions as he and a small band of hackers set out to build the people's Internet.


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How the first website ever published describes the competition to World Wide Web.


The Only Links That Still Work on the First-Ever Website

I tried to click every link on the first World Wide Web. Only two links, it turned out, have survived the 25 years of its existence.


The Web's First Rules of Etiquette Still Define the Internet Today

When he built the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee wrote a code of conduct that forever shaped how we publish and share information online.


Here's All the Knowledge You Could Access on the Internet 25 Years Ago

The architects of the first website ever built tried to gather all the information available online in 1989 onto a single page. It wasn't much, but it was still mind-blowing.


What It Was Like to Surf the Web in 1989

A copy of the first website ever built is still online. Here's how I found out what it was like to surf the net in the late 80s.


How the Web Needs to Change in the Next 25 Years

As explained by Anne Jellema, the CEO of the Web Foundation.


How the World Wide Web Became the Internet's Killer App

Without the web, the internet as we know it likely wouldn't exist.