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When Games Redeem Abusers, They Risk Rationalizing Abuse

On Waypoint Radio 177, we talk 'Captain Spirit,' Star Wars, and the difficulty with redemption arcs.
Danielle Riendeau
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Geralt From 'The Witcher' Is in ‘Soulcalibur VI’ So Now I Guess I Have to Buy a Fighting Game

Geralt of Rivia is a perfect fit for the Soulcaliber franchise.
Matthew Gault
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Where Save Games Go to Die

If I had but world enough and time... I still probably wouldn't finish these playthroughs.
Rob Zacny
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A Brief Lament for the Witcher Game That Never Came to Consoles

We’ve all got them—games on other systems that we’ll never play on ours. And the consoles-ducking ‘The Witcher’ is foremost amongst mine.
Mike Diver

'Witcher' Developer Says Hackers Have Compromised Its Next Big Game

Life imitates art.
Mark Robinson
The Witcher

Ciri Deserves Her Own 'Witcher' Game

She’s the franchise’s ultimate badass, and in light of the new Netflix series, I hope CDPR gives the woman her own awesome action game.
Mike Diver

You Need to Check Out 'Twin Peaks' and More This Weekend

Get scared by some aliens, shoot some bad guys, and solve some mysteries.
VICE Staff
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Netflix Is Developing a Show Based on 'The Witcher'

Who's going to play Geralt of Rivia?
Emanuel Maiberg
The Witcher 3

How the Novigrad of ‘The Witcher 3’ Measures Up to the Original Fiction

The game’s great city is a sight to behold—but it’s some way short of the wonder Dandelion describes in ‘Sword of Destiny’.
Mike Diver
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A No Bullshit Conversation With The Authors Behind The Witcher and Metro 2033

Witcher novelist Andrzej Sapkowski says he doesn't owe games anything, but Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks games made them both.
Piotr Bajda
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Video Game Swords Are Cooler Than Video Game Guns

Swords add a personal level to combat that guns often don't.
Leif Johnson

Saying Goodbye to Uncharted With My Favorite LPers

Why watching an LP of a series-ender hits with an even harder punch. You're saying goodbye to so much.
Cameron Kunzelman